Tri Laser Holder w/Tripod
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The Tri Laser Holder was developed to use three of our Doctors lasers at once. The lasers can be in any color combination. It givess you the ability to use all three wavelengths (Red, Green, and Blue) at once, for a full spectrum treatment. The Tri Laser Holder enhances the ergonomics of our standard doctors lasers allowing for a greater flexibility of attended or unattended therapy. This is most effective when used with the supplied tripod holder or pistol grip. The lasers can be rotated in the holder to project three straight lines or crossed for a more focused treatment (when using our laser line generator).


Package includes:

1x Tri Laser Holder

1x Pistol Grip Handle

1x Tripod Stand with clamp

1x Padded travel bag



***Lasers not included***

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Tri Laser Holder w/Tripod

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