Dual Point Fiber-Optic kit
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The dual point fiber optice kit allows for treatment of two acupuncture points at one time. This kit includes a splitter, three cables, and two sanitary Fiber-Optic applicators. This kit is designed for stimulation of multiple acupuncture points at one time. Allows you to treat the source acupuncture point as a complementary point to stimulate the meridian without having to treat all points seperatly. Saves time and money. Can be utilized for unattended therapy. These fiber-optic kits are designed to be used only with our Doctors lasers which are available in 635 nm red, 532 nm green, and 450 nm blue.

Low-level laser therapy is considered investigational by the FDA, and no medical claims of cures are permitted in the USA at this time.

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Dual Point Fiber-Optic kit

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