Doctor's Laser Twin Pack
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Low Level Lasers for clinical use.


Quality Products made in the USA!


See your patients in a whole new light!

The complete treatment kit includes:

1 - 635 nm. red laser, Class III-A 5 mw, 2 AAA batteries

1 - 532 nm. green laser, Class III-A 5 mw, 2 AAA batteries

2 - patented LaserLift tips

1 - (quantity 36) 2.75 mm. sanitary disposable tips

1 - (quantity 36) 4.25 mm. sanitary disposable tips

4 - dental tips

1 - laser-line generator tip

"Trigger Points Treatment" chart "Motor Points Treatment" chart, "Auriculotherapy" chart, and "Dental Points Treatment" chart

1 - Padded nylon travel case

The laser instruments not only provide safe, non-invasive, quality treatment and protocol for your patients, but will pay for itself many times over in the first week of use. The most popular useage of the 635 nm. red laser is laser acupuncture, and is also used for skin problems, reduction of edema, alleviation of chronic and arthritic pain, and trigger point stimulation. The 532 nm. green laser is effective for muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. Green is also useful for dental illumination.

The lasers are stored in a protective, nylon padded travel case and need to be in checked baggage in air travel. They utilize a series of patented LaserLift collimating tips, designed by doctors, to limit visual exposure from laser scattered light radiation. These lasers use plus power technology with a constant wave. The lasers are factory tuned and tested on a laser power meter and feature a constant on and off switch. Lasers are well balanced and designed for extended use with a computerized APC diode circuit. No additional protective glasses are needed by physicians, staff, or patients in using these products with proper procedure. Detailed instructions are included.

These lasers meet USA - FDA Laser Safety Regulations as a class IIIA laser product.  Low-level laser therapy is considered investigational by the FDA, and no medical claims of cures are permitted in the USA at this time. We support and encourage proper eye safety for the preservation of sight. Lasers have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

There are several advantages to using the lasers over needles:

Painless, but effective - Great for anyone who is afraid of needle treatment

Harmless - The laser energy penetrating the skin is 5 mw. It does not cause any tissue damage, as no heat is generated with the cold laser application.

Safe and sanitary - No chance of infection. The Laserlift sanitary disposable tips provide a perfect solution for repeated treatment.

Easy treatment - For meridian acupoints, stimulate 3 - 6 points per treatment for 60 - 120 seconds each. More time as needed for trigger and motor points.

We support and encourage proper eye safety for the preservation of sight.

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Doctor's Laser Twin Pack

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