450nm Professional Blue Laser
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This is our new professional 450nm Blue laser model. It is intended for use in doctors’ offices and acupuncture clinics. The laser is equipped with a light weight aluminum body, unique double action switch which allows temporary or constant on/off, and lithium ion batteries (40hr battery life non-rechargeable). Optional rechargeable batteries available. We redesigned some of our popular tips for this model. It comes with the laserlift safety tip, Acutip, laser line generator, wooden box, and 6x 2.75mm and 6x 4.25mm Welch Allyn disposable tips. In addition to the laser and all of its accessories we are including the following charts; Motor Points, Trigger Points, Auriculotherapy, and Korean Hand Therapy. All our professional lasers are tested during final assembly at the manufacturer by industrial testing methods, then calibrated and retested to validate that each laser as a "plus" 4.0-5.0mW power output certification.

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450nm Professional Blue Laser

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